Friday, March 25, 2011

For this very special friend..

This post goes out to one very special friend in my life.. A person very close to me, one who has been with me through all my highs and lows.. And I know one thing for sure, we will always be there together.. Its her birthday today and these are few lines I had written a year or two back on her birthday.. This is my Parul.. :) Miss you..

This girl is called Parul
You know her, you have had many talks,
But its a nice time to tell you why,
my Parul really rocks!!

A girl with a lovely, mischievous smile,
and a laughter, she has little control upon,
Oh God, sometimes she starts laughing,
and then carries on and on and on!

Riding with her funny helmet on,
Enters into the college, but then on...
Her sight is a rarity, she's ms.invisible,
Search for her and she's already gone!!

A dancer of high caliber and variety,
she dances with an amazing grace..
Its a treat then, to watch the expressions,
that light up her beautiful face..

For a girl with intelligent brains,
Even does acting and paintings with a zest..
Enthusiastic with and dedicated to work,
Truly an all-rounder at her best!

A friend, so helpful and caring,
Always there, with highs and lows on..
A bit serious, a bit of mischief filled in,
A perfect blend to rely upon..

Its been a pleasure to share with her,
The cadburies and those 'dozy yawns'..
Some busy, some triggered nights,
sleepy early mornings and lovely dawns..!

So today, on her birthday, it is,
A wish from me and everybody..
Let that wonderful smile never go off your face,
Live life filled with love, joy and glory!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not just any other December...

Just done with the December (2010) that was \m/.. Reminds me about the month of December 2009.. A time which I never saw coming, which gave me a completely different experience.. An experience people dont really look forward to..

It was approaching November end and also the end of the preparatory leave (PL) for our first semester exam of the final year. Having spent many of the starting days of the PL applying for US universities, I was struggling with my studies.. And 3 days before my exam, I was down with high fever that refused to calm down.. A day before, went to take the dengue test. And as if it were a shot hit bang on target, the morning of the exam, the tests came positive..

I remember hardly reading 2-2.5 units for the Info Sec exam and this friend trying to make up for it by telling summaries of the remaining chapters half an hour before the exam.. Completely energy soaked, i hardly could write 2-3 sections and I couldnt go on any further.. Went straight to the hospital after the exam where I spent the next 5-6 days.. And those will be the days, I cant ever forget.

Cannot forget what all my parents and my sister did for me and what they went thru.. They really mean the world for me. Cant forget the friend who came to make me feel better and concluded that nothing was wrong.. the letter that came to reassure me that all will be fine soon.. the time taken by a friend out of his birthday celebrations to come and see me..the calls from all others who were giving exams and were told, not to come visit me while the exams are on.. and inspite of this, the apples that came along with one caring friend just to see whether I am fine or not.. All of these just made me realize how lucky I am to have all these people around.. This post is not to say a 'thank-you' but to tell you all, just be with me.. I am what I am only coz of you all..

On a lighter note, it was good that I missed those papers in a way ( coz they were too tough :P ) The reason wasnt good though.. It was really a weird feeling to lie down in that hospital bed as your friends were giving the exam and asking them how the paper was without having any answer on your side. Also, I got to watch Sehwag's test inning of 293 then :)
It felt good to be back to give the last paper though. I didnt really get a feeling then that some big exam was over.. Coz I really hadnt given a majority of it.. A big exam was rather facing me for the next semester.. Luckily I somehow had passed the first paper with the borderline score of 40 (who knows how.. hail Pune univ paper checkers). So it was 8 subjects for the next semester. Contrary to what I expected, the next semester was full of fun too coz of the BE project and the awesome times we spent together doing that.. I cant really describe the feeling I had after completing the 8th paper.. And never have I waited for a result with so much anticipation.. I did get a good score in the remaining subjects.. and I really owe it to people who were there with me again..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The way that took me 'high'...

PICT (my undergrad college) was an awesome experience.. Whatever chance I had to come to college, I used to pack my bag and be on my way.. And that way was part of the Mumbai Bangalore highway for most of the 10km journey from my place to PICT.. It was a ride which I always used to look forward to.. The best thing (which I proudly used to tell) was that no signals and free flow traffic, it hardly used to take any time to cover the 10km..

Right through all these 4 years, I have experienced all its moods and seasons.. And the highway too has seen me in all moods, in all times and has been a witness to my emotions during these happening years of my life. And these words are not just to make the highway memories seem rosy, I really mean them..

I remember the initial first year days.. Rain, used to create a havoc literally.. There was hardly any use of raincoat for keeping me dry, as with the speeding vehicles and big trucks, it was more of a protection from muddy water.. And then there was this specific place where a mini lake used to get created and I daily had to take my feet up from the foot rest. People who came by the highway must be visualizing this spot as they are reading now. And this situation in the rainy season (obviously) never changed in these 4 years.. The Sinhagad road bridge was another headache with potholes galore.. Thankfully, they repaired it during the 3rd year..

Another peculiar characteristic was a point on the highway beyond which there used to be a sudden weather change.. This was evident many a times, especially during rainy season and at nights. The road used to completely wet on one side and dry on the other. At nights, the temperature used to drop considerably as I used to cross that area..

Nights and very early mornings has been a time that I have been on the highway many a times. I llllloooooved driving during these times.. And I got ample opportunities, be it the Purushottam play practice, the robotics preparation late nights, the 'marlelya nights' during PL's, the Amdocs project nights.. Used to be all still and silent, chilly cool.. Shivering yet enjoying. Remember myself singing at the top of my voice at 5am or 12.30-1am sometimes as I went back home..

This also has been the way who has witnessed the long chats and drives with my close friends.. Be it the daily college gossip while going to college daily.. talking loudly so that the person behind gets to hear you in the speedy wind.. sharing problems and happiness.. some lovely moments in the awesome weather that used to be there.. the last minute prep talk before going to exams.. this list can go on.. numerous memories flood my mind as I write now..

It has also witnessed the minor accidents that we had.. some might be lucky to have a clean sheet in this respect.. The sights of cars who have had accidents used to be really bad sometimes.. Saw a very bad accident myself too.. Used to keep our speeds in check..

Now here at Irvine, the freeway behind our apartment complex always reminds me of the highway.. Not that the size or traffic is any comparable. The highway back home with all the memories, is and always will be very special......

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Putting down one of the thoughts that crossed my mind in recent times..
Two weeks back when it was UCI Orientations time, we were being welcomed into the university and introduced to different sections and services on the campus. One of it was the counseling service. The lady was saying that graduate life is stressful, you need a support system, you can come to us anytime and blah blah. She said that you all will feel that I am not a person who will need a counselor or something, but come to us anytime in need.

I indeed had the same feeling before that - "Why would I need a counselor??". And indeed we dont need one, but then this has a reason. A reason I feel we have taken so for granted that we dont realize that we are dependent on "that very thing" many a times in our life. You turn back to it in happiness, in grief, in tension, in anxiety, in almost every feeling that you have.
This thing can be your friend, maybe say your entire group of friends... your parents ... that one special person in your life ... maybe music ... maybe GOD ... maybe some activity like meditation, dancing ... maybe whatever...

But there indeed is this one thing that keeps you going, whatever and wherever you are.. This as people say and I like the words used to describe it, is the "The Support System".. Your support system. You try going the untrodden ways, undertake challenges, have a sense of confidence and self belief, coz all this time, right down there, somewhere in a minute corner of your mind and heart, you subconsciously know that your support system is there with you.

This might indeed seem obvious to many of you reading. What I want to say through this post is that find out what your support system is. Value its presence and the role it plays and nurture it, handle it with utmost care. To add, the feeling when your support system seems non-existent is something really bad.. It is like a void in your life.. Something which makes you feel bad and insecure all the time. So this makes it all the more important.. And in some indirect sense it wont be wrong to say that 'you exist coz it exists'......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Expressing feelings

One of the few old lines that I had written. Its about the various ways through which we express our feelings (भावना)..

काही मना-ह्रुद्यातिल भावना,
खरच असतात किती सुन्दर।
त्या सगळ्या व्यक्त करण,
होता कधी कधी थोडा अवघड।

काही काहींना चांगलच जमत,
असेल ते बोलून टाकना सगळ।
काही माज्ह्यासार्ख्यांच मात्र अस्त,
या बाबतीत जरा, थोड वेग्ळ।

कधी मनातील विचार व्यक्त करायला,
शब्द पलुन जातात, याच काय बर रहस्य??
मात्र त्यावेळी येत, या विचारांच्या रुपात,
माज्ह्या चेहर्यावर, एक वेगलच स्मितहास्य।

लोक मला ते पाहून खुपदा विचारतात,
कारण नसताना का हसतोय, असा वेड्यासारखा।
त्यांना काय सांगाव, मोजक्या जवलच्यानाच कल्त,
ते हास्य अस्त माज्ह्या मनाचा आरसा।

मौनात अस्त माज्ह्या इत्क काही,
त्यात्ल लोकांना किती अस्त ठाउक, किती नाही,
शब्दांना खूप किम्मत असते, अस लोक म्हणतात,
पण त्या मौनाच मूल्य मोजता येणार नाही।

मौनाचाच घ्यावा लागत नाही मला नेहमी सहारा,
शब्दांचा फूटतो कधी एकदम भरारा।
ह्रुदयात भावना दाटून येतात जेव्हा,
स्पर्शाने सजवतो मी त्यांचा फुलारा।

कुणाचे सांत्वन करताना, समजावताना,
ते योग्य शब्द तोंडातून बाहेर पडतच नाहीत,
खूपदा प्रयत्न केलाय, तरी पण,
स्पर्शाविना त्या भावना पोहोचवता येतच नाहीत।

हास्या-स्पर्शा सारखीच असते,
डोळ्यांची भाषा जरा वेग्लीच थोड़ी।
नजरेला नजर भिडली की सुटतात,
मनातल्या भावनांची अनेक कोडी।

म्हणतात ना, ही भाषा असते थेट हृदयाची,
सग्ल्यान्नाच समजेल अशी ही गोष्ट नाही।
ह्रदय तोंडाला जेव्हा अबोल करते,
हे बोलके डोळे सांगून जातात मला खूप काही।

शेवटी साध्य होत ते काय,
होते भावनांची देवाण-घेवाण मना-हृदयान मधे।
सरळ साध्या शब्दात बोलण्यापेक्षा,
काही वेग्लीच मजा असते, त्या अशा व्यक्त करन्यामधे।

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A new beginning..

Feels so good to be writing again.. Again a big break, no post for 6 months.. But this time, it wasnt laziness, nor the pressure of studies or anything. It was something really different that I experienced. The last 6 months have been something, I wont ever forget. It was a period which opened my eyes to a whole new 'me'. A 'me' who really was 'me' and not pretending to be someone else. Yes, they were an eye-opener, hard to take in but feels good that they happened to me..

Apart from that abstract stuff that I have written, lots of other things were on card..
Firstly, I am finally an ENGINEER!! This break was basically the last semester of my engineering.. And boy, it really was happening to say the least.. The B.E project, one of the most awesome experiences that I would ever have. It was more of coz of my project partners and the fun we had together rather than the technical work and the prizes..
Also, had to go through a tough final exam with 7 papers, but then have the confidence of clearing them all. So, to say, all is well that ends well.
Had my birthday on the 18th of this month, and turned out to be the best birthday till now. Was in line for a big surprise party organized by mi little sis Avanti. She had called all my friends from school, class, college. Had an awesome birthday night.
Also, my MS application decisions season ended (finally) and it indeed was one loooong wait. All only coz I was waiting for my desired university 'Georgia Tech' for 7 months! And there it came, on the night after I was done with my birthday before I went to sleep, a Reject!
So, my destination: University of California, Irvine (UCI). I really am looking forward to it. :)

Hope to chip in with some posts in the coming weeks which came across my mind in this period, but couldn't pen down in the blog.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Longest words compilation

Well, my earlier post of 'What a word' relating to the phobia of long words reveives quite a lot of hits.. And that is because of the presence of this word in the comments section..
So, I thought of putting up this small compilation in a post.. Seems completely weird and unreal.. But as of now, for the records sake, here are some longest words..

(A) The longest word ever ->

It is 189819 letters long!! I say, WTF! But yes, it is.. Believe it or not.. Its the chemical name of titin, the largest known protein.. Its a chemical name, so obviously there will be a lot of repetitions.. But 189819 is too much.. To just have a look at the complete word (the complete spelling of 189819 letters, have a look at this link.. )
There are disputes on this that it is a technical word not found in the dictionary.. Some say, it cant be defined as word.. But whatever, as I said, for the records it stays the longest existing word..

(B) The longest word coined by an author->

It is 183 letters long..Its basically a fictional dish mentioned in Aristophanes' comedy Assemblywomen. This is a very ancient play which has been carried down the times.. It is actually a transliteration of the greek word used in the play.. The dispute though is again the same.. Its not there in any dictionary.. so wondering about the longest word present in the dictionary..??

(C) The longest word in a major dictionary ->

45 letters long.. Its a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.. You can say that it is same as silicosis..

(D) Longest place name ->

This is 85 letters long and is the name of a hill in New Zealand.. Should place names be considered as words, is another debate though..

Well, thats it for now.. Too tired to type those long words... :-)