Friday, March 25, 2011

For this very special friend..

This post goes out to one very special friend in my life.. A person very close to me, one who has been with me through all my highs and lows.. And I know one thing for sure, we will always be there together.. Its her birthday today and these are few lines I had written a year or two back on her birthday.. This is my Parul.. :) Miss you..

This girl is called Parul
You know her, you have had many talks,
But its a nice time to tell you why,
my Parul really rocks!!

A girl with a lovely, mischievous smile,
and a laughter, she has little control upon,
Oh God, sometimes she starts laughing,
and then carries on and on and on!

Riding with her funny helmet on,
Enters into the college, but then on...
Her sight is a rarity, she's ms.invisible,
Search for her and she's already gone!!

A dancer of high caliber and variety,
she dances with an amazing grace..
Its a treat then, to watch the expressions,
that light up her beautiful face..

For a girl with intelligent brains,
Even does acting and paintings with a zest..
Enthusiastic with and dedicated to work,
Truly an all-rounder at her best!

A friend, so helpful and caring,
Always there, with highs and lows on..
A bit serious, a bit of mischief filled in,
A perfect blend to rely upon..

Its been a pleasure to share with her,
The cadburies and those 'dozy yawns'..
Some busy, some triggered nights,
sleepy early mornings and lovely dawns..!

So today, on her birthday, it is,
A wish from me and everybody..
Let that wonderful smile never go off your face,
Live life filled with love, joy and glory!!


Neves said...

Happy Birthday parul...
p.s: I didnt know she was ur parul :P

Mrunal said...

Had read it before too! Re-readings are best part of life!!

Shriniket said...

It was originally 'our' Parul in those lines and I have made it 'my' Parul.. And yes, I can say that very proudly.. :)

sahdeV said...

kya baat hai!!! Always good to see ppl write posts personalized and dedicated to somebody, feels good :)

ruta said...

VEry nice poem.. Great work n True indeed.. Loved it .. expresses such a beautiful bond between u 2 friends. :)

FrostBite said...

ek number!!

Empericus said...

Good Poem

shamitha said...

Happy Bday Parul! Have an amazing life! :)

Neha said...

Great :)

Parul said...

:)Shri, all I can say is that I am very lucky to have met you. Thru all those times when you have supported, guided and encouraged me and all the fun that we have had together, you have been an awesome friend.
Thanks guys :)

Jay "Quill of Fire" Puranik said...

Hey Shri... nice one :)